Flower Care

How to care for your Flowers?


  1.  Firstly, do not keep fresh flowers in your house fridge. Flowers can stay in a cooling room, with or without air-conditioner. Keeping the flowers in the fridge is a big no no.
  2. To prolong the flowers live, we advise you to remove the wrapping papers (after all the selfie taking with your flowers) and keep it in a vase. Please ensure the vase is clean to ensure the flowers will last longer until it fully blooms. Change the water daily as flowers need fresh water also.
  3. Ensure that there is enough water for the flowers. Fill in two thirds full, not more. 
  4. Every few days, cut approximately 2cm off each stem with a scissors. This will keep your flowers hydrated and ensure the flowers fully bloom.
  5. You may remove all the leaves in the lower part of the flowers. Leaves will cause your flowers to have bacterial infection and it will spoil your flowers.
  6. Don’t keep flowers and fruits in the same room.
  7. Keep your flowers away from direct sunlight.
  8. Lastly, remove flowers that are spoiled from the bunch as spoiled flowers will spread bacterial infection to others quickly.